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Learn how co-branding helps drive sales for SUNFLAIR® Swimwear

Mar 15, 2017

To drive purchase intent among consumers, SUNFLAIR®  has successfully leveraged the power of the LYCRA® brand value and promoted its unique benefits for years. This strategy has paid off for the best-selling swimwear brand in Germany, owned by leading manufacturer Adolf Riedl.

SUNFLAIR® Clean Water Beachfashion 2017 collection_Golden Chain swimsuit

On 5th March 2017, the brand won the Sterne der Wäsche award, known as the “Oscars” of lingerie and swimwear in Germany, for best sales numbers for the seventh year in a row. The hugely successful launch of a new e-commerce site in Q4 2016 will surely keep boosting sales for the firm going forward. Watch the TV spot below to discover the site, (also available on YouTube). 

“Riedl has a strong emphasis on quality and creativity and that is why we place a priority in sourcing quality fabric made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre innovations,” explained Dr. Klaus Wührl-Struller, Riedl’s Head of Marketing & PR. “We feel these innovations add value to our garments, that’s why we pass along this information to our consumer, who is keen to understand what makes their preferred swimwear brand so special!”.

The LYCRA® brand logo represents a symbol of quality and durability to many consumers, and hangtags are an important way to communicate the desirable benefits LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre adds to swimwear. SUNFLAIR® not only uses customized LYCRA® brand hangtags in fine retail stores across Germany, but they are also the first brand to embed the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ virtual hangtag video throughout its e-commerce site. Last but not least, a new co-branded cinema spot promotes the new SUNFLAIR® 2017 Beachfashion collection featuring chlorine resistant LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre.

If you would like to know how LYCRA® fibre can expand your business through co-branding, please contact your INVISTA marketing representative.

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