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Athleisure is Here to Stay According to Leading Textile Firm

Apr 18, 2017

Can athleisure be dismissed as the latest fad or trend, or is it a new apparel segment with staying power? LYCRA® brand decided to ask an expert, and interviewed Lorenzo Ghezzi, Export Manager, CARVICO. Based in Italy, this global market leader produces high-quality warp knit fabrics for beachwear, sportswear and outerwear.

Trend or Lifestyle?

“We think athleisure will last because we can already see from customer requests that it’s going to be an important segment,” Lorenzo remarked. “Swim and lingerie brands…are creating garments for a lifestyle.” Click here to watch the entire interview.

The Athleisure Lifestyle

The athleisure consumer has a holistic approach to life and is focused on making choices that support a healthy mind and body. It’s likely she experienced the technology benefits activewear offers through her yoga practice or fitness routine. Now she wants to look her best and experience lasting comfort, flexibility and fit all day long—not just during a workout. Versatile athleisure apparel made with LYCRA® fibre makes it possible for her to feel great and look great too.


CARVICO knows that when it comes to creating high-quality fabrics, you need to start with the finest ingredients available. That’s why it exclusively uses LYCRA® fibre brand innovations in its athleisure collection. LYCRA® fibre has a portfolio of products that offer permanent performance benefits that athleisure consumers desire. Lorenzo added, “We believe it’s very important to have LYCRA® brand innovations in our athleisure fabric collection, it’s a must-have because it not only creates technical fabrics, but fashionable ones too.”

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