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LYCRA® Brand Award Winners Announced at Sterne der Wäsche

Apr 11, 2017

During the 12th Annual Sterne der Wäsche awards, which were held 5 March in stylish Schuhbeck’s Teatro in Munich, it was almost “mission impossible” for the jury to decide which retailers should win this year’s prizes for best LYCRA® themed display. Each winner was recognized for creatively using supplied LYCRA® branded point-of-sale materials, and for clearly communicating this year’s theme: “With LYCRA® you have a winning hand.”

Retailers really went the extra mile in their attempt to win this year’s prestigious LYCRA® brand prizes. Participating window displays featured oversized props and imagery related to the playing card and gambling theme, including: huge playing cards with special mottos, matching card suit wallpaper, a blow-up of a roulette wheel used as a backdrop, and larger than life dice. Each display was designed to catch the eyes of people passing by and entice them to enter the store to shop.

Creativity to Boost Sales

Participating retailers also launched creative promotions and employed many tactics to amplify sales during the contest: training staff to promote the benefits of LYCRA® fiber to customers, holding fashion shows, running local ads, and one even created their own Royal Casino chips on their website so consumers could “throw the dice to win beautiful lingerie made with LYCRA® fiber.”

This year’s LYCRA® brand window display contest attracted almost 100 participants throughout Germany, and more than half the retailers were new to the contest which was in its 2nd edition. Congratulations to the winners of the LYCRA® Awards!

Kurvenreich in Schwäbisch Gmünd won the boutique/specialty store award by building three different “living” windows using live models instead of mannequins. The unique display was the talk of the town! The store dedicated one full window to the new athleisure apparel segment—a crossover category that encompasses sportswear, yogawear and underwear. These eye-catching window displays really made people stop, look and buy.

 LYCRA® Brand Award Winners Announced at Sterne der Wäsche

TC Buckenmaier in Crailsheim won the award for lingerie departments in larger stores. Its display had an amazing layout with special wallpaper bought expressly for this event that amplified the theme of the contest. They even enlarged the queen of hearts playing card and used their own shapewear garment as the heroic queen.

 LYCRA® Brand Award Winners Announced at Sterne der Wäsche

Before handing out the two LYCRA® awards, Christine Wahle from INVISTA made opening remarks to the festive gathering of 300 guests. “All the participants of this years’ contest were winners in my eyes,” Christine explained. “I was overwhelmed by the amazing ideas and creative execution that turned each window into a ‘winning hand.’” In order to give well-deserved visibility to each and every contest participant, the images of ALL the decorated windows can be found in the latest SOUS online magazine.

Be sure to check it out for creative LYCRA® brand merchandising inspiration!

Watch the video of this special evening here.

Whilst the 2016 window contest has just come to an end, German retailers are already working full speed ahead on developing their displays for the 2017 window contest. This year’s theme will be “Take off with LYCRA®,” and the focus will be on swimwear made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber. Stay tuned!

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