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Apr 21, 2017

For the third year in a row, INVISTA is hosting an invitation-only event in Istanbul, Turkey that is focused on the sock industry. Key managers representing knitters, spinners, coverers, and retail sourcing hubs have been invited to this exclusive event, which is taking place on 25 April 2017. Turkey is one of the largest global producers of socks, and this highly anticipated event gives industry insiders the opportunity to network, see exciting new trends in person, and learn about INVISTA’s latest fiber innovations
New Workshops Added to Program

Based on attendee feedback, this year INVISTA will host brief workshops that will provide more information on its sock technologies, and explain how the company upholds its quality standards. INVISTA branded technologies for socks will be showcased by models wearing samples of each forecasted trend during a runway show. The fashion show’s emcee will explain each trend and discuss the technologies used as each pair of socks takes its turn on the catwalk.

Technologies Designed to Optimize Performance

Following are a few of the INVISTA branded technologies that will be featured in sock samples worn on the runway and on display outside the hall. Each innovation adds features and performance benefits to socks that consumers desire:

If you are in the sock industry in Turkey, you won’t want to miss this event! Each live presentation will be simultaneously translated from English to Turkish.

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