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Stretching the imagination

Jul 21, 2017

Global Denim, a 100% LYCRA® fiber user, has partnered with INVISTA to launch an impressive collection of fabrics that explore new dimensions of stretch and offer brand owners and retailers new possibilities to address market segmentation.

Mexico’s leading specialist mill believes that fiber technology offers scope to move on from standardized stretch products and meet demand for jeans with comfort and fit characteristics that more precisely match individual consumer lifestyles and fashion instincts.

Its innovative new collection includes five categories of fabrics that make imaginative use of LYCRA® fibers.

The appropriately named ALLways category offers four-dimensional warp and weft stretch and recovery characteristics that take garment construction to a new level, combining superior movement and body shaping with outstanding shape retention.

There is much more for designers to choose from. The collection’s Warp’d fabrics “move the way men move”, wear well and resist abrasion. By contrast, RealSoft and B-Touch brushed variants have drape, smoothness and a soft hand with strong feminine appeal.

Powertrek category fabrics enable brands and retailers to package the benefits of LYCRA® dualFX® technology – exceptional levels of stretch and high degree of dimensional stability.

INVISTA supported its long-term business partner by sponsoring a multi-location photoshoot to capture the end use diversity of the collection. The stylish results play a big part in promotion of the new collection on social media and trade channels. Global Denim’s ‘Into the Blue’ launch campaign broke on July 1st and will run until the prestigious Kingpins Show in November in New York.

The collaboration between the two companies is a good example of how technical innovation, creativity and imaginative marketing at different levels of the value chain can make waves in a fast moving, highly competitive garment sector.


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