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LYCRA® Bra Fabric-Finder™: The short-cut to consumer satisfaction

Sep 06, 2017

The growing preference for casual bras is a big market opportunity but poses special challenges for designers. The progressive ‘casualization’ of this garment category blurs traditional segmentation lines and calls for a new approach to optimising support, shaping and comfort.
Casual bra concept collection developed by world’s leading mill suppliers with LYCRA® fiber technologies

The LYCRA® Bra Fabric-Finder™ offers exactly that. As a preference for deconstructed, more versatile and comfortable products grow, the quality and performance of the fabric is increasingly critical. Our new proprietary index enables designers to readily identify and source materials that deliver on comfort AND functionality, matching what consumers are looking for.

The concept is simple and straightforward. Designers specify their product development objective on a casual bra scale that ranges from leisure garments with natural shaping, everyday wear or active comfort with power shaping to define their curves. 
Based on their objectives, the fabric mill or The LYCRA Company Marketing Rep can assist in identifying fabrics measured against the LYCRA® Bra Fabric-Finder™ to narrow down their fabric selections, making it quicker and easier to source options. The quality and performance attributes of every fabric proposed is certified by The LYCRA Company, and delivers a mix of benefits offered by LYCRA® W, LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT®, LYCRA® COOLING, LYCRA® BLACK and other relevant fiber technologies.

The LYCRA® Bra Fabric-Finder™ is a unique opportunity for brands, retailers, garment manufacturers and mills to benefit from state-of-the-art fiber science. Mills wishing to fast track certification of LYCRA® branded fabric products that target this and other intimate apparel market opportunities should click here




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