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Oct 10, 2017 speaks with Carlo Losa, CEO of Filelmo S.r.l, to learn more about his business and the important role LYCRA® fibre plays in it.

Interview of Carlo Losa, CEO of Filelmo S.r.l

Carlo, can you tell us about the founding of your company and how it has developed over the years?

Founded in 1984, Filelmo S.r.l specializes in the production of gimped elastomer yarn, from single and double cover to air-interlaced products for the widest possible variety of applications. Over the years, the original fine and superfine denier products for the tights industry have been joined by medium-large denier yarns for the medical sector, men's hosiery, knitwear and textiles. We offer the organization and technologies required to be competitive in the marketplace, but what sets us apart is that first and foremost we are a family business. This means we can respond quickly to meet a client’s needs, and everything we do is based on passion and care.

What special product and services does Filelmo offer?

Our turnover for 2016 reached almost 5 million euro, with a total output of 200 tonnes of covered elastomer yarn, and almost all of it contained LYCRA® fiber. Our company's philosophy is based on two main principles:  quality and service. We know quality is guaranteed when we choose the finest raw materials, like LYCRA® fiber. As for services, performing regular maintenance on machinery and staffing and training highly skilled employees also helps. Our clients have come to expect fast and efficient service as we have an extremely flexible business structure that can provide a rapid response to each client's specific needs and requirements.  

How is Filelmo overcoming the new challenges of a globalised world?   

We believe strongly in “Made in Italy” values. For over thirty years, we have been committed to keeping production local and maintaining strong links with the Inveruno district in Milan Province. Despite the higher costs the Italian industry must bear in comparison to its European and worldwide competitors, we are positive that this is the most effective way to respond to the needs of our clients, who want quality products that offer extensive opportunities for customisation. This decision to site our production locally, near the important Italian legwear, knitwear and weaving centres, means we can ensure delivery to any national destination within one day. We manage our foreign commercial network from our facility in Inveruno, dealing especially with the EU countries.

Filelmo S.r.l. 

What is Filelmo's commitment to innovation?

We are a dynamic company that invests constantly in new machinery and new technology. That's why we are able to offer one of the sector's most modern, versatile facilities. Our management team and collaborators can boast over thirty years' experience in the production process. They provide unique skills and a solid knowledge base that drive innovation in our products and plant. Product innovation work is carried out every day in our laboratories and production departments. We are always analysing new fibres available on the market to determine how we can develop new yarns to offer clients. We enjoy strong connections to our local community and country as a whole, and are actively working to achieve significant energy savings by focusing on sustainability as well.

Tell us a little about Filelmo's collaboration with INVISTA.

The relationship that links our company to the LYCRA® brand dates back from Filelmo's origins—more than thirty years ago. LYCRA® fiber is used in most of our gimped and interlaced yarns, and our collaboration with INVISTA'S R&D team plays a valuable role in the development of new articles we offer our customers. 

Contact Information

FILELMO S.r.l. Carlo LOSA +39 02 90296738 Via della Repubblica 1/b INVERUNO , (MI) Fraz. Furato , 20010 ITALY