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ATHLETA and LYCRA® brand team up to promote tights with LYCRA® SPORT technology

Nov 13, 2017

Throughout September and October, LYCRA® brand and ATHLETA social media channels have promoted tights powered by LYCRA® SPORT technology.

ATHLETA tights powered by LYCRA® SPORT technology

The co-branded campaign turned fitness-focused social media influencers into brand ambassadors to meet several objectives:

  • Raise awareness of ATHLETA tights made with LYCRA® SPORT technology and the benefits they offer,
  • Showcase the range of Performance Tights and educate consumers about how they offer targeted support tailored to suit different sports/levels of activity,
  • Highlight the versatility of Street Tights and show how they are the perfect foundation for any outfit - especially when you’re on-the-go,
  • Drive customers to the ATHLETA Chi Blog to learn more about the tights and be directed to purchase them on

Connecting with Consumers

Utilizing a combination of paid ads and organic and sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram, initial analytics show the two-month campaign has not only met but exceeded targets for consumer engagement. The campaign leveraged ATHLETA’s #PowerofShe hashtag to amplify the messaging that tights featuring LYCRA® SPORT technology are a must-have for any wardrobe. Posts in September challenged influencers to create looks with new Street Tights, while October had fitness enthusiasts educating followers about the benefits of ATHLETA’s Performance Tights.

What’s Inside Matters

ATHLETA Street and Performance Tights feature several INVISTA technologies designed to help boost workouts and meet consumer needs:

  • LYCRA® SPORT technology – Fabrics with this technology are certified as having met clearly defined Power-Comfort-Energy (PCE™) index criteria. This enables designers to easily choose fabrics customized to meet the performance parameters of a particular sport, and gives consumers the targeted support they desire. 
  • LYCRA® BLACK technology – The industry’s first truly black elastane virtually eliminates grin-through and glitter and protects fabric from external agents that can degrade yarn and negatively impact garment performance.

As with all INVISTA products, the benefits of these fiber technologies are permanent and provide consumers with lasting performance from a brand name they trust. If you would like to learn more about INVISTA technologies for athleisure and activewear, contact us.

LYCRA®, LYCRA® SPORT technology, LYCRA® BLACK technology are trademarks of INVISTA.


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