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Nov 10, 2017

Celebrated Italian luxury hosiery brand Pierre Mantoux has introduced a new collection for the discerning, modern woman who wants it all. The Veloutine Supreme Shape collection uses a unique blend of cutting-edge LYCRA® brand technologies, knitted in every course, to create exceptional hosiery that delivers unmatched performance benefits.

When What’s Inside Matters

The LYCRA® brand solutions selected for the Veloutine Supreme Shape premium hosiery collection are designed to deliver the lasting comfort and performance benefits women want today:

  • The Bodice has LYCRA® 3D technology for a lasting 3D fit, soft touch, and a flawless, flat appearance that looks true-to-size on a store counter. In addition, LYCRA® BEAUTY SHAPING technology lifts the bottom and sculpts the belly and hips to create an attractive silhouette.
  • The Waistband is made with LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology for a comfortable, no-roll waistband that won’t constrict the wearer.
  • The Legs are made with different ingredients depending on the denier. The 15 DEN version features LYCRA® FUSION™ technology for high resistance to ladders/runs, and LYCRA® SUPER SUMMER SHEER technology for perfect transparency. The 30 DEN is made with LYCRA® LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION technology, which offers graduated compression to help energize tired legs, and LYCRA® 3D technology for a lasting 3D fit, soft touch, and a flawless appearance. The 50 DEN tights and no-slip knee-highs each feature LYCRA® 3D technology and LYCRA® LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION technology.

Choose LYCRA® Brand

For more information on any of the hosiery technologies mentioned here, or if you’d like to harness the power of the LYCRA® brand name to take your legwear to the next level, contact your INVISTA marketing manager today.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.


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