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Meet Texollini: Mill Customer of the Month

Nov 13, 2017

Designed to be one of the most technologically advanced vertical circular knitting mills in America, Texollini has used technology to stay ahead of its competition and maintain rigorous quality control standards since its founding in 1989.
Texollini: Mill Customer of the Month

The firm’s fully automated, computer-monitored facility is one of the largest stretch fabric specialists in the country, and a leading producer of innovative activewear fabrics. That’s why Texollini has adopted the relaunched LYCRA® SPORT technology platform with its unique PCE™ index, which makes it easier than ever to meet consumer needs.

Because Comfort and Performance Matter™

Today's athletes and active consumers desire garments designed to help optimize their performance. LYCRA® SPORT technology is scientifically engineered to deliver exceptional comfort, fit and support to stretch activewear fabrics. It combines the proven stretch technology of LYCRA® fiber with demanding testing standards that measure fabric performance on a 1-10 scale across three key PCE™ indexes:

  • Power – Measures the shaping or compression effect,
  • Comfort – Consumers often complain about being uncomfortable in compression or shaping garments. The higher the comfort index, the more comfort the wearer experiences,
  • Energy – The lower the energy index, the lower the effort needed to move the fabric, making it ideal for competitive sports activities. This advanced fabric property is a new point of differentiation for performance fabrics.

These indexes are combined in myriad ways to create performance levels tailored to fit the garment's end use and satisfy the consumer's need for targeted support. The Texollini sales team has been able to use this new tool with its customers, who now have a clearer understanding of how to select the correct fabric for the proper end use. This, in turn, speeds up the road to commercialization.

Meet “Fast Fashion” Demands

Texollini prides itself on its clear communication and fast turnaround times established in response to the “fast fashion” demands of leading activewear brands. The firm has found that LYCRA® SPORT technology is an effective way to increase speed-to-market and effectively communicate the benefits of fabrics in order to drive sell-through. According to Sherry Wood, Texollini Director of Merchandising:

“Brands that have adopted LYCRA® SPORT technology into their story are having great success so far, communicating the fabric’s properties to their customers and actually feeling the results. Consumers in today's market are looking for more innovative fabrics and like to be educated on the performance benefits of the garments they are buying. It helps them understand how the fabric is working for them and they appreciate it. Once aware of these benefits, their standards rise, they have higher expectations, and start searching for apparel that meets them. We are pleased with the feedback we have received so far, and will continue working with INVISTA to educate our designers and provide them with excellent performance fabrics.”

Working closely with INVISTA, Texollini aims to extend its reputation as a one-stop source of cutting-edge textiles, while simultaneously helping customers and their brands to differentiate and dominate in the global marketplace for activewear. Texollini and INVISTA continue to collaborate on LYCRA® SPORT fabric innovations, which are being accepted widely among the world’s well-known sportswear brands.

For more info on how Texollini can help move your business, please get in touch today!

LYCRA® and LYCRA® SPORT technology are trademarks of INVISTA.