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Meet Brand of the month: NATURANA

Dec 06, 2017

Originally founded by Carl Dölker in 1917, the German company known today as NATURANA is celebrating its centennial. Renowned for its ability to combine creative fashion design with the science of the perfect fit, NATURANA has always strived to improve the daily quality of life of women. Creating innovative intimate apparel designed to meet women's needs in terms of style, fit, comfort and quality has been the firm’s top priority from day one. This explains why NATURANA became one of the first firms to use fabrics with LYCRA® fibre in its lingerie. In fact, for nearly 60 years, NATURANA has implemented almost every new fiber innovation or platform that the LYCRA® brand has presented to them.

German Lingerie & Swim firm celebrates 100 years of innovation and creativity

Better living through technology

Invented in 1958, LYCRA® fibre revolutionized intimates by adding lasting elasticity to new lighter weight fabrics. This technology immediately appealed to NATURANA, a firm founded on the desire to create a more natural silhouette by liberating women from restrictive corsets. This led to the firm’s pioneering role in the development and promotion of the bra in the 1920s. NATURANA quickly became known as the brand for a new modern woman always on the go. Fast forward to the 1960s and LYCRA® fiber ushered in a new era of comfort, with NATURANA bras and girdles offering a flexible fit that hugged a woman’s curves and kept her moving freely all-day long.

German Lingerie and Swim firm celebrates 100 years of innovation and creativity

The benefits of working together

According to Jürgen Gottschalk, Product Manager and Senior Buyer at NATURANA: “NATURANA and INVISTA have enjoyed a very successful collaboration over the years and we look forward to incorporating future fiber innovations into our fashions. We were an early adopter of LYCRA® fiber and continue to specify it because we can count on its quality and consumer appeal to drive sales in markets around the world. With over 200 differentiated fibers to choose from, LYCRA® brand makes it possible for us to deliver on our brand promise to create comfortable, high-quality functional garments at a fair price.”

German Lingerie and Swim firm celebrates 100 years of innovation and creativity

A family company

NATURANA has grown into a vibrant and successful international lingerie company and a trusted brand name renowned for its quality workmanship. Now managed by the fourth generation of the Dölker family, NATURANA has expanded its offerings over the years to include N@TMen men’s underwear, Cybèle for modern young women, and EVA, which has its own unique brand identity. EVA is a luxurious boutique collection of swimwear, loungewear and lingerie that celebrates femininity.

What’s next?

As it starts its second century of business, NATURANA is one of the largest lingerie and swimwear manufacturers in the world. It has a new CEO, Andreas Höschele, and is investing heavily in the business - especially in the U.K. - to continue to drive sales and grow the business well into the future.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.


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