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Meet mill of the month: Luthai Textile

Jan 12, 2018

Luthai Textile is one of the world’s most successful apparel textile enterprises. Demand for its high quality fabric products has grown steadily in China and in over 30 export markets around the world.

Luthai Textile, LYCRA® January 2018 mill of the month

Assistant General Manager Wang Changzhao attributes its success to speed in commercializing carefully researched innovations. This calls for close working partnerships up and down the value chain, he notes, and one in particular. “We could not have got to where we are today without the support of The LYCRA Company. Its science base, technologies, technical services and international market knowledge make it the ideal partner.”

The collaboration between the two companies began in 2002 when Luthai began to exploit the potential of LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology, LYCRA® T400® fiber and COOLMAX® fiber. “We were very impressed by The LYCRA Company’s professionalism and its willingness to adjust and adapt fiber innovations to our needs. We have enjoyed the benefits of close partnership since 2002,” said Mr. Wang.

He cites the example of using LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology to develop wrinkle-resistant stretch shirting fabrics. “We sought The LYCRA Company’s help because our own technicians were having difficulties in achieving the performance standards we wanted to offer customers. A special joint working team solved the problems, and we went on to sell five million meters a year of the top quality fabrics that were the result.”

Luthai Textile’s success reflects a highly integrated approach to the research, development and marketing of new fabric concepts, but Mr. Wang is quick to emphasize that this does not compromise its ability to precisely match products to individual customer needs.

“Different brands have different requirements for a given fabric type. We must first of all understand the creative strategies of their designers, and then be able to fine-tune our offer in ways that enable them customize and differentiate their products. The LYCRA Company’s technical support is invaluable in this aspect,” said Mr. Wang.

This leading Chinese mill has built on success in its domestic market and in Asia to the point where 85% of its output is now exported to over 30 markets around the world. This, for Mr. Wang, is one further important link to The LYCRA Company. “Its global insight to trends and growth opportunities and our resources and speed to market are a powerful win-win combination.”


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