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It’s a hold-up!

Feb 05, 2018

Thousands of fashion conscious women will be happy victims of this year’s legwear ambush. Hold-ups - the new segment hotspot - look set to capture even greater market share in the months ahead thanks to the creativity of some inspired designers.

Philippe Matignon tights made with LYCRA® fiber ©CYL

If you think you’ve seen it all, take a look at the latest The LYCRA Company-sponsored photoshoot and fashion spread in the January issue of CYL magazine, the influential Spanish-based trade publication for the intimate apparel, swimwear and hosiery segments.

The eight-page supplement shows how new collections from top brands Cherie, Ivette, Marie Claire, Philippe Matignon and Trasparenze bring unprecedented style and excitement to an everyday category previously defined by its practical appeal.

Philippe Matignon tights made with LYCRA® fiber ©CYL

LYCRA® fibre innovations have been redefining legwear appeal for as long as most people in the industry can remember. But it’s not just our technology that’s good for business. The CYL supplement shows how joint promotions linked to the power of the LYCRA® brand create influential marketing platforms that enable brands and retailers offer well-differentiated, profitable consumer propositions.

Philippe Matignon tights made with LYCRA® fiber ©CYL 

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