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Why Choose LYCRA® dualFX® Technology?

Sep 03, 2019

The problem: As fabric stretch increases, so does the tendency for fabric growth or shrinkage. This can negatively impact garment performance and lead to poor fitting jeans that don’t hold their shape, product returns, and dissatisfied consumers.

The solution: : Patented LYCRA® dualFX® technology consists of two stretch fibers that deliver unmatched performance in denim. LYCRA® fiber provides durable stretch for comfort and fit, while the LYCRA® T400® fiber provides bounce-back recovery for exceptional shape retention. These fibers are intermingled together and covered with cotton to achieve an authentic denim look and feel, while offering extra flexibility, all day comfort and lasting fit.


See how LYCRA® dualFX® technology Works


Benefits for mills:

  • Easier to meet brands’ quality requirements for stretch, shrinkage and growth
  • Wider operating window - makes it easier to make good quality fabrics
  • Innovation backed by outstanding technical support


Benefits for brands/retailers:

  • Addresses key consumer issues related to lasting fit, comfort and performance in denim
  • Reduces consumer complaints and product returns (e.g. shrinking and stretch-out)
  • Achieves higher product satisfaction which increases consumer loyalty
  • Fabric certification process ensures consistent fiber quality and performance
  • Certified fabrics are eligible for free LYCRA® brand hangtags to explain product benefit and drive sell-through
  • Fabric technology can be used in all silhouettes from skinny, straight leg and looser fits
  • Offers consistent product performance (even in distressed looks with heavy abrasion)



Benefits for consumers:

  • Experience extra flexibility, all day comfort and a fit that lasts
  • Resist bagging and sagging
  • Delivers lasting performance wear after wear and wash after wash, extending the wear life of your garment


Mills: Contact a marketing manager listed below today to begin differentiating your denim by offering the unparalleled performance of LYCRA® dualFX® technology.

Brands/Retailers: Contact a representative listed below today to learn where to source denim featuring the unique performance benefits of LYCRA® dualFX® technology.

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