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Feb 15, 2018

The LYCRA® team recently had the opportunity to speak with Dea Pasetti, owner of GIOYDEA, one of the top independent boutiques in Milan. We wanted to find out the secret to her award-winning store’s success in the current retail climate.

Dea Pasetti, owner of GIOYDEA – Milan, Italy

Dea Pasetti owns GIOYDEA in Milan, a historic boutique specializing in intimate apparel.

A local landmark

GIOYDEA has thrived in the heart of Milan since 1904. This historic boutique offers its shoppers something that is hard to come by today - knowledgeable service with a personal touch. Ms. Pasetti knows that GIOYDEA’s discerning clientele wants more from their apparel and they trust her to offer quality brands like Pierre Mantoux. She explains why:

“Pierre Mantoux is a hallmark of excellence in the tights segment. This premium brand offers superlative product research driven by LYCRA® fibre, a brand that is recognised and appreciated by consumers as a reliable promise of lasting comfort, fit and performance. In our business, it is becoming increasingly important to offer exclusive brands that enable us to differentiate our offerings. This way we can always present something more, something new. We often form a special relationship with our clients, one based on the trust inspired by the knowledge that above all, we offer quality products. Research into materials, garment construction, attention to Made in Italy style and quality, and technical innovation are all crucial elements for us when selecting which products to stock. The innovation intrinsic in LYCRA® fibre combined with the inimitable style of Pierre Mantoux, a brand that has an established presence in our store, creates a perfect synthesis of all these elements.”


LYCRA® brand adds value

The recent launch of premium hosiery brand Pierre Mantoux’s new Veloutine Supreme Shape collection was a great success at GIOYDEA thanks in part to co-branded sales tools created with LYCRA® brand. The brochures educated staff and consumers about the advanced LYCRA® fibre technologies used in the hosiery line. Once informed of each product’s features and benefits, customers saw the product’s value and were willing to pay a premium price for it. Ms. Pasetti added, “The New Veloutine Supreme Shape collection is perfect for our clients, who are constantly searching for high-performance, ultra-comfy tights to wear throughout the day - true passpartout garments.”


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