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PHILIPPE MATIGNON celebrates “The Passion of Beauty” in co-Branded promotion

Mar 08, 2018

No other spandex can match LYCRA® fibre when it comes to quality branding, unique innovations and global consumer awareness. That’s why Philippe Matignon recently partnered with INVISTA to activate a co-branded marketing program at Italy’s famous Rinascente department stores.

The premium Italian hosiery brand knows that promoting its use of LYCRA® fiber sets it apart at retail and is a proven way to influence and accelerate a consumer’s purchase decision.

Promotion Elements

The successful holiday season campaign promoted Philippe Matignon’s FW17 luxury hosiery collection at eight Rinascente stores in historic Italian cities. Eye-catching window displays drew shoppers into stores and provided high visibility for both brands. Once inside, consumers could pick up a free co-branded 26-page brochure entitled, “The Passion of Beauty.” It featured seductive photography and content that informed them about the value and benefits LYCRA® fibre adds to hosiery. The final element of the campaign, a glamorous co-branded video, was filmed at Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan and launched on the hosiery brand’s social media platforms and website.

Experience the LYCRA® Brand Difference

If you would like to develop a co-branded marketing program for hosiery that harnesses the power of LYCRA® brand, contact the INVISTA marketing expert below.

To learn more about the LYCRA® fiber innovations Philippe Matignon uses to differentiate its luxury hosiery at retail, visit these pages:



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