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Learn About the Cutting-Edge Technology Powering arena Bodylift Shaping Swimwear

Jun 06, 2018

The Italian swimwear brand arena is renowned for outfitting world-class competitive swimmers. Its new Summer 2018 Bodylift Shaping Swimwear collection is once again made with technologically advanced Sensitive® Fit Fabric by Eurojersey. The fabric is powered by LYCRA® BEAUTY technology, which offers women a flattering shaping effect that helps them look, feel and perform their best in or out of the pool.

Inside Bodylift Swimwear

LYCRA® BEAUTY technology enables Bodylift swimsuits to deliver different levels of gentle compression in order to show off a woman’s curves without sacrificing comfort. The fabric is also engineered to provide optimal support and an exceptional fit that keep swimmers moving freely. This is critical in a sport where a fraction of a second could mean the difference between a gold and silver medal.

Swedish swimming champion Therese Alshammar promotes arena Bodylift Shaping Swimwear

A New Brand Ambassador

For its new summer collection, arena has enlisted the help of Swedish swimming champion Therese Alshammar to promote its Bodylift line to consumers. The brand has also launched a social media hashtag, #LiftYouUp to increase consumer engagement. Last, but not least, the brand clearly communicates the benefits of LYCRA® BEAUTY technology to consumers on its website. The collection is available globally online, at arena stores and at specialty retailers throughout Europe.

Swedish swimming champion Therese Alshammar wears the new arena Bodylift Shaping Swimwear

To learn how you can harness the power of the LYCRA® brand and take your swim collection to the next level, contact Edy Figini – find her details below.

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