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Jun 17, 2018

Know exactly how your activewear will perform when you select Brugnoli’s Explosive line of premium circular knit fabrics. That’s because all suitable super light and medium weight fabrics have undergone rigorous testing in their length and width using LYCRA® SPORT technology’s patented PCE™ index. This innovation measures a fabric’s Power, Comfort and Energy on a simple 1-10 scale. This takes the mystery (and risk) out of fabric selection for brands and retailers. Now they can feel confident they’ll pick the right Explosive fabric for the right end use thanks to detailed fabric performance reports. 

Explosive Technology line by Brugnoli

Because Comfort and Performance Matter™

Brugnoli®, a family-owned mill in Italy, is renowned for its passion, innovation, savoir faire, exceptional customer service, and tailor-made solutions to fashion dilemmas. An ongoing issue with performance activewear has been that as compression power is increased to sustain muscles, the consumer had to sacrifice freedom of movement and comfort. Now consumers can have it all with Brugnoli’s line of PCE™ certified Explosive fabrics - exceptional comfort and customized compression levels to help optimize athletic performance for a particular sport.

Spotlight on Explosive One Fabrics

Fabrics created with Explosive Technology by Brugnoli® offer high power, high comfort, and low energy (the effort needed to move the garment), which makes the collection ideally suited for competitive sports. These fabrics are 100% made in Italy and can be created in any colour including Brugnoli® Black. Last but not least, they are eligible for LYCRA® SPORT technology branding to help drive retail sales.

To learn more about LYCRA® SPORT technology and its demanding testing standards, get in touch with us or contact Brugnoli directly to place your order for PCE™ certified Explosive fabrics today!

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