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Having a hard time getting the right fabric for the right sports category? Let us show you how.

Jun 18, 2018

Business challenge: Day after day, brands lose time, money, and opportunity when they pick the wrong performance fabric for their activewear or athleisure lines. This mistake results in additional garment prototyping time, or in poor fabric performance and increased consumer dissatisfaction, which leads to complaints and product returns or a reduction in brand/retailer loyalty.

You might ask yourself:
“Is there a way to measure fabric performance so I can choose the right level of compression for its intended end use? How can I avoid making the wrong fabric choice?”

Turn-key solution: LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certified fabrics take the guesswork out of selecting the right fabric for the right application.

The LYCRA® SPORT platform combines the proven stretch technology of LYCRA® fiber with demanding testing standards that, not only measure fabric performance, but also helps to assess comfort in wear. PCE™ certified fabrics have been rigorously tested and documented by fabric scientists to show you precisely how a fabric will perform across three indexes (POWER, COMFORT, and ENERGY). Indexes are provided for both fabric length and width to provide a complete picture of the stretch and recovery properties.

Avoid choosing the wrong fabric. Let The LYCRA Company be your in-house fabric specialist!


How It Works

Choose the best combination of indexes to identify the ideal performance fabric for the desired end use. Each index rates one specific performance parameter on a simplified 1-10 scale:

  • POWER index (Pi) – measures the performance (compression force exerted on limbs) delivered by the fabric.
  • COMFORT index (Ci) – measures the fabric’s ability to move with you without feeling it, or the “second skin” effect.
  • ENERGY index (Ei) – measures the energy lost when moving the garment.

Satisfy your consumer’s need for targeted support by creating garments designed to help them optimize their athletic performance.

LYCRA® SPORT technology PCE™ index to measure fabric performance on a scale 1-10

Benefits for Brands:

  • Eliminate waste, save time and money thanks to simple to understand Power, Comfort and Energy indexes (PCE™ values) that enables you to pick the right fabric, every time
  • Identify the right fabric for the right sports category, comfort assured, thanks to LYCRA® SPORT technology’s easy-to-use PCE™ index
  • Reduce the time needed for garment design and increase speed to market by quickly and easily choosing the appropriate performance fabric
  • Reduce merchandise returns and consumer complaints and increase brand loyalty by meeting a consumer’s need for comfortable targeted compression
  • Drive sell-through by tapping into LYCRA® brand’s 87% consumer awareness* with free LYCRA® SPORT technology hangtags and virtual hangtags


Check out some of the latest LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ approved fabrics from European mills below:

Sample advanced Sensitive® Fabrics by Eurojersey 
PCE™ tested Sensitive® Fabric activewear collection made by Eurojersey allows to select the right fabrics that sculpts the silhouette and provides the right levels of compression and comfort where needed.

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Check out latest Explosive fabric technology by Brugnoli®
Brugnoli’s latest Explosive fabric collection has it all! “Maximum performance with unbeatable comfort” is the promise of this special 100% Made in Italy fabric.

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Explore Liebaert’s NanoStitch Collection for Activewear 
The NanoStitch collection offers three groups of fabrics engineered to meet the demanding comfort and compression requirements of consumers buying sportswear today.

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Discover stunning bi-stretch woven fabrics from Payen
Expert in bi-stretch woven fabrics, Payen’s ESF brand is launching a super lightweight PCE™ tested fabric for sport activities.

A must see!

* Source: 2017 Global Insights Study, IPSOS. LYCRA® fiber has the highest consumer awareness of any branded fiber.
LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.