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New bi-stretch woven fabrics from Payen/ESF revolutionize Activewear

Jun 17, 2018

One of the most technologically advanced weaver in Europe, French-based Groupe Payen has used innovation to stay ahead of its competition and maintain rigorous quality control standards since its founding in 1839. The company has worked in partnership with LYCRA® fiber since its launch, for its production of covered synthetic yarns, as well as for the development of innovative two-way stretch woven fabrics under the ESF brand. Groupe Payen has made a name for itself at the high end of the market, and its products have been outfitting numerous Olympic athletes for over 30 years.

Olympic athlete wearing an activewear suit

Zoom on ESF Aquatech® Fabrics

The firm’s timeless weaving technology, combined with PAYEN’s innovative covered yarns, allows the production of the finest bi-stretch wovens for activewear in the world. That’s why ESF tested their Aquatech® fabric collections against the LYCRA® SPORT technology standard.

Result? All LYCRA® SPORT certified fabrics exhibit excellent values for Power (9-10) as well as for Comfort (7-8) with low Energy levels. ESF’s unique bi-stretch fabrics are ideally suited for high-level competitive sports applications where the wearer needs muscle compression, without force and optimal comfort. The athlete can then dedicate its full energy on its performance!

Ultra-lightweight, these first woven fabrics to pass the stringent LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ test exhibit balanced results in both the warp and weft, which makes them competitive to conventional knit fabrics, while being three times lighter!

Four of the collection lines did pass the test under the QUATTRO, FENIX, ESPADON and OXYGEN names.

For more info on how ESF’s unique woven fabrics can help move your business, please get in touch today or contact Payen’s sales team directly.

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