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Jun 17, 2018

EUROJERSEY, a leading Italian mill renowned for its creativity, technical expertise and premium quality warp knit fabrics, has tested all suitable Sensitive® Fabrics for activewear against LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ standards in both the width and length. This is great news for brands and retailers who now have access to detailed performance reports for EUROJERSEY’s super light and medium weight Sensitive® Fabrics. This means designers can create sport-specific activewear that delivers the perfect amount of sculpting, compression and comfort to optimize the wearer’s athletic performance.

EUROJERSEY’s Sensitive® Fabrics for activewear

Make the Right Choice

When it comes to creating advanced performance apparel, picking the right fabric is critical. If you don’t know how a fabric will perform in the real world, you’re taking a huge gamble. Choosing the wrong fabric can lead to poor garment performance, which in turn leads to consumer dissatisfaction, complaints, and product returns. Reduce returns and increase loyalty by selecting Sensitive® fabrics that are PCE™ certified. The certification means you know exactly how a fabric will perform so you can pick the right one for the right application every time

Sensitive® Sculpt Fabric Pass the Test

An excellent choice is EUROJERSEY’s Lightweight Sensitive® Sculpt Fabric that earned a PCE™ score of P9 and C7 (learn more about this index). This fabric features a high percentage of LYCRA® fiber to gently sculpts the body, reshape the silhouette and support active muscles while providing maximum comfort. It also offers three-dimensional stretch for an exceptional range of motion and maintains its shape wash after wash and wear after wear.

To learn more about LYCRA® SPORT technology and its demanding testing standards, get in touch with us or contact EUROJERSEY directly to place your order for PCE™ certified Sensitive® Fabrics today!

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