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Much to celebrate at the China launch of the LYCRA® brand campaign

Jul 12, 2018

The five-star shopping mall at the Raffles City complex in Shanghai – one of the city’s glitziest must-see locations – had something special on offer at the end of April. The 60th anniversary of LYCRA® fiber was marked by the launch of a new phase of the LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ consumer campaign.

Around 100 trade and media guests attended an event that it will be hard to surpass for innovation and creativity. BANDALOOP, California-based pioneers of ‘vertical dance’, added a new dimension – literally – to demonstrating the benefits of LYCRA® fiber.

Spirited performance

It was all here: special collections from four downstream customers showcased the ever-increasing range of benefits advanced fiber technologies bring to everyday living. The ONLY brand demonstrated the extra fine fit and suppleness LYCRA® dualFX® technology in denim; FILA showed how LYCRA® SPORT technology is redefining active sportswear; the BONAS brand how LYCRA® FUSION™ technology creates whisper-light anti-laddering hosiery; and the NEIWEI collection highlighted the soft comfort LYCRA® lastingFIT technology brings to intimate apparel.

BANDALOOP performance to launch the LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ consumer campaign in China

The dancers brought the benefits to life with energy and finesse against spectacular outdoor backdrops. Catwalks will never be the same again. The event guests were impressed, but there was also plenty to engage other visitors. The LYCRA® brand was center of attention for thousands of shoppers and mall browsers through the following week.

BANDALOOP team at the launch event of the LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ consumer campaign in China

Pop-up party

A LYCRA® brand pop-up store attracted hundreds of visitors each day, introducing them to the consumer campaign and the look-better, feel-better benefits its smart fibers bring to clothes. The BANDALOOP dance collections were on display for up close inspection.

A rather special vending machine dispensed themed campaign gifts to visitors who registered as social media followers. There was a 3-D photoshoot booth where they could capture the moment and send mementoes to friends. There were also on-site fitness sessions, styling classes and mix-and-match fashion tutorials. If you liked what you saw, T-mall and WeChat on-line links made shopping easy.

If you want to be heard, the old saying goes, make a noise, and that’s exactly what the organizers of the Shanghai event did. It was great fun, but with a serious business edge. Trade guests were left with no doubt about how the combination of advanced fiber technology, a unique ingredient brand, and a creative approach to consumer engagement could boost everyone’s business.

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The LYCRA Company Eva Chen Marketing Director - B2C - China, Apparel Shanghai China