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Sportwear Argentona utilizes LYCRA® BLACK technology for its leading technical fabrics

Jul 06, 2018

Specialist in the manufacturing of circular knit synthetic fabrics, Spanish-based Sportwear Argentona offers a wide range of technical and innovative fabrics for active and outdoor wear.

Are you searching for durable true-black color with no grin-through? Look no further!

Performance active wear is inevitably exposed to extreme conditions that can stress the garment. The combination of sweat, UV exposure, sunscreen, anti-chafing lotions and chlorine has the potential to degrade the elastane yarn, leading to a loss of recovery power and eventually reducing performance.

Sportwear Argentona’s Bogota fabric line, made with LYCRA® BLACK technology, helps resist damage caused by these external agents and ensures deeper, darker fabric shades retain their color intensity; giving you a highly effective solution to the problem of elastane grin-through and glitter.

LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ tested, the Bogota Black line has been rated 9 for Power making it ideally suited for high compression wear offering muscle support when conducting high impact physical activities, and as a result improves both user performance and muscle recovery. With an Energy level of 10, Bogota fabrics enable athletes to push themselves to the limit with confidence that their garment fabric will resist high stress and movement.

Thanks to its interlock structure, the fabric is also great for clean cut. This allows designers and garment makers the flexibility to work with flat stitching, allowing the development of cleaner and more comfortable performance garments. Sportwear Argentona’s LYCRA® SPORT Bogota fabric offers athletes and active consumers a host of benefits.

For more info on how Sportwear Argentona can help you push the limits, get in touch with us today or contact the Sportwear Argentona sales team directly.

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