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Discover the secret to casual bra sales success: the LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™

Aug 02, 2018

The Challenge: Today’s women require bras that complement their natural beauty. Consumers want bras that not only deliver on comfort but also support them naturally, without restrictions. They want to feel confident and authentic and they want their bras to be supportive, feminine and comfortable without compromise. The bra market is changing, and traditional bras are losing market share to casual bras including sports bras, bralettes and wire-free day bras.

Bra Fabric Finder

Millennials originally drove this trend, but there’s an opportunity to meet the needs of women of all shapes and sizes who want to transition to casual bras. However, these women feel casual bras don’t provide the functionality they need. So how do you deliver the optimal levels of comfort, support and shaping to drive casual bra sales across a wider range of consumers?

The Solution: The LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ is a proprietary index designed to help brands/retailers select fabrics that deliver a higher level of performance to your consumer. With casual bras, the fabric is even more instrumental to the functionality of the bra than in traditional bras. That’s why over one year of research has gone into developing the science behind each index, which identifies and optimizes the right fabric construction for your casual bra collection. Don’t be left out of this consumer-led movement towards a more casual comfort lifestyle. Let us connect you to mills that have LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ certified fabrics available right now!

Bra Fabric Finder

Benefits for Mills:

• Add value to your fabric collection
• Speed up the fabric selection process
• Be relevant and confident when recommending fabrics for casual bra end use applications
• Increase customer satisfaction by helping them designers and sourcing partners pick the right fabric for the right application
• Differentiate your fabrics further by adding LYCRA® W technology, LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology, and LYCRA® BLACK technology for additional performance benefits
• Backed by outstanding technical support

Benefits for Brands and Retailers:
• Add increased functionality to your casual bra collection
• Easily identify the right fabric construction to meet the needs of consumers
• Realize a higher price point for bras that meet a woman’s needs
• Increase speed-to-market by picking the right fabric right from the start
• Leverage our expertise to create compelling new offerings
• Drive repeat purchases and gain market share by solving unmet consumer needs
• Increase consumer product satisfaction and brand loyalty
• Reduce consumer complaints and returns to store
• Merchandise improved comfort, support and shaping levels for the casual bra category, using LYCRA® BFF consumer graphics
• Drive retail sales with free LYCRA® brand hangtags

When you use LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ certified fabrics in your collection you're eligible for POS merchandizing materials and free hangtags designed to drive sales.

Bra Fabric Finder 

Benefits for Consumers:
• Purchase with confidence that casual bras will deliver on femininity and functionality.
• Bras marketed with LYCRA® BFF technology will be your new “Best Friend Forever”
• Bras created from LYCRA® BFF certified fabrics will give you a great shape without sacrificing support.
• Casual Bras made with LYCRA® BFF technology allow women to feel natural and beautiful, while experiencing uncompromised shape, support & comfort.
• Casual bras made with LYCRA® BFF technology will always be there to support you.
• Bras made with LYCRA® BFF technology fabrics offer long-lasting fit and comfort.
Any bra that features LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ certified fabrics can be marketed to consumers as a LYCRA® BFF BRA.

Bra Fabric Finder 

To learn how the LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ can benefit your business, contact the LYCRA® fiber expert shown below, or click here.

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