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Sep 27, 2018

This is the final post in a series that shows the advantages your business gains when it selects LYCRA® SPORT technology certified fabrics for your activewear and athleisure collections.

Learn how its patented PCE™ Index works and how it helps you select premium performance fabrics, and discover the many advantages the index offers brands and retailers including increased speed-to-market. Read on to learn how the unmatched marketing support available to LYCRA® SPORT technology customers can accelerate purchase intent and increase sales.


Business Challenge: Many brands struggle to sell-through their performance activewear because many consumers are dissatisfied with the comfort and performance levels on offer. This unmet need creates a valuable opportunity for brands, but how can you create a collection that’s designed to meet consumers’ needs and drive sell-through at retail?

Turn-key solution: Choose LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certified fabrics to deliver the comfort and performance consumers desire in their activewear, and in the process, you’ll gain access to merchandising tools that accelerate the purchase decision. From free hangtags and videos to co-branded posters, hanger cards, and digital assets - each POS item is designed to make an impact.

Learn more about our merchandising toolkit >

The Right Fabric for the Right Application

When a brand selects LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certified fabrics it knows exactly how the fabric will perform as it has been scientifically tested and rated using our patented PCE™ Index. This innovation makes easy to pick the right performance fabric, increase speed-to-market, and create differentiated apparel that will deliver comfort and lasting performance.

Unmatched Marketing Support

Research has shown that the key to driving activewear sales is to clearly communicate a garment’s performance benefits to consumers at the point of purchase - whether it’s online or in stores. That’s why LYCRA® brand offers its customers impactful merchandising tools that leverage LYCRA® brand’s 87% consumer awareness* and its association with quality apparel. No other fiber manufacturer offers its valued customers this level of marketing support.

Nobody Understands Your Needs Like LYCRA® Brand

From fabric selection to garment branding at retail, we’ve shown you how LYCRA® brand offers solutions that add value and drive business growth. Contact us today to learn how we can help you market your collection at retail. Be sure to inquire about COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® technology solutions to add even greater value to your activewear collections. See our FAQs for brands/retailers and mills for more information on LYCRA® SPORT technology and the PCE™ Index.

To source LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certified performance fabrics with enhanced comfort regardless of power level, check out some of the latest approved fabrics from these European mills:

Exciting new performance fabrics from Turkey
Renowned for its focus on exceptional quality and innovation, Aydin Orme’s first-ever high-performance fabrics are the perfect choice for superior quality active wear.

Find out why!

A growing range of control and compression fabrics from NEXTIL
With the help of LYCRA® SPORT technology, the Spanish mill is launching a rapidly growing range of fabrics for the Active Outdoor segment.

What’s on the way ?

* Source: 2017 Global Insights Study, IPSOS. LYCRA® fiber has the highest consumer awareness of any branded fiber.
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