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Why choose LYCRA® SPORT technology?

Oct 11, 2018

The Activewear Challenge:

Consumers are increasingly demanding activewear that optimizes performance, but comfort is often neglected. And it’s often difficult for brands and retailers to know how most fabrics will perform after design and cutting. Because they don’t have in-house fabric scientists who can test fabric performance, they often pick a fabric based on cost or pattern. This can lead to underperforming fabrics or fabrics that fail to meet consumer expectations, which results in complaints, product returns and dissatisfied customers. How can you increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty?

Fabric certification adds value to Activewear collections

The Solution:

Choose LYCRA® SPORT technology to create activewear and athleisure collections that deliver the comfort and performance consumers demand today. This innovation combines the proven technology of LYCRA® fiber with the demanding testing standards of the PCE™ Index to measure fabric performance. Each PCE™ certified fabric comes with a performance report that takes the guesswork out of fabric selection.

Benefits for mills:

    Drive sell-through to brands - LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certified fabrics tell designers everything they need to know about the power and comfort of a fabric and how it will perform in the real world.

    Increase customer satisfaction - This technology helps brands make better fabric choices based on the garment performance level required for a particular sport.

    Experience world-class technical support - Ensure product quality and gain access to fabric scientists who can map your PCE™ index numbers to tell you how you can improve your fabrics and build customer loyalty.

    Leverage free sales tools - Sell sheets and videos educate your customers about the benefits of this platform and may help you close the sale.

    Add value to your collections - Purchasing fabrics with LYCRA® SPORT technology gives brands access to merchandising materials designed to educate consumers about product benefits and drive retail sales. When retailers sell more garments, you sell more fabric.

    Differentiate your fabrics – This platform enables you to meet the consumers need for activewear that offers comfort and performance.

Benefits for brands/retailers:

    Increase speed-to-market - LYCRA® SPORT technology’s PCE™ index tells you exactly how a fabric will perform from a comfort and a compression perspectives so you can simplify prototyping, which can save you time and money.

    Reduce risk – You’ll always know exactly how a fabric made with LYCRA® SPORT technology will perform.

    Simplifies fabric selection - Avoid unpleasant surprises by choosing a fabric based on its technical performance and intended end use instead of price or appearance—you’ll save money in the long run.

    Add value to your collections – The LYCRA® brand logo is viewed as a symbol of quality assurance by consumers, who believe it indicates a higher quality garment that’s worth paying extra for.

    Differentiate your collection - Deliver the lasting comfort and performance consumers want from their activewear.

    Leverage LYCRA® brand power - From free hangtags and videos to co-branded posters, hanger cards, and digital assets – our POS materials are designed to describe performance benefits and increase purchase intent.

    Increase consumer satisfaction – Create activewear that will meet consumer expectations regarding comfort, fit and shaping/compression requirements and avoid product returns.

    Build brand loyalty – Encourage repeat purchases by offering activewear that delivers the comfort and performance consumers desire.

Fabric certification adds value to Activewear collections 

Benefits for consumers:

    • Fabric performance levels are optimized to suit a particular sport and provides the right level of compression to increase the wearer’s performance.

    • Performance benefits are permanent and don’t wash out

How much do consumers appreciate the LYCRA® brand difference? Find out here. For more information, contact the regional marketing managers listed below.

LYCRA® and PCE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.

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