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Nov 12, 2018 speaks with Hans-Peter Mauch, Managing Director at W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG and Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA, LLC, and Tony Holt Managing Director Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA, LLC. to learn more about the companies W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG (located in Weiler-Simmerberg, Germany) and Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA, LLC (located in Graham, North Carolina USA).

Tony Holt and Hans Peter Mauch-©Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA

From left to right, Tony Holt and Hans Peter Mauch

Briefly tell us about Zimmermann and Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA.

As a quality provider, Zimmermann has been producing high-quality, elastic covering yarns for medical and technical applications for more than 65 years. Over the past few years, we constantly built up our strategic internationalization, and the partnership with Zimmerman-Dynayarn USA we entered into in May 2018 was another consistent step in this direction. Dynayarn USA was founded in 1999 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a provider for apparel, medical and technical applications, with a strong emphasis in the medical product segment.

As Zimmermann and Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA, we annually produce several hundreds of yarn combinations for most different applications in a variety of yarn counts and colors. Over the years, we have developed more than 7,000 different constructions which are the basis for a variety of creative ideas and applications for our customers.

How will the future look like at the location of Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA in Graham, North Carolina?

First we will expand investment in product development and machine technology at the new location. Our sales activities will also be intensified by increasing the market development in the United States. With innovation we want to assist mainly the medical compression industry with our experience from Europe. Our commitment to our customers is to assist each of them in the advancement of their businesses by offering exceptional service, innovation and quality – more than what the traditional market has offered and more of what they need.

Zimmermann headquarters Weiler-Simmerberg, Germany

Zimmermann headquarters Weiler-Simmerberg, Germany

What medical fields in particular are you involved in?

With the MEDtex line, we produce yarns for medical compression textiles. In particular compression stockings and bandages. Our single and double covered knitting, inlaid, toe and heel yarns show their exceptional wearing comfort in the end products. Our USP shall be to serve and take care from start of development to final market launch.

Moreover, with the LIFEtex line we produce yarns for high-quality applications in the traditional textile industry, and with the TECHtex line yarns for technical applications.

You replaced rubber with the LYCRA® fiber. Precisely the substitution the fiber was developed for which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. What benefits could be gained from the usage of the LYCRA® fiber for your products?

What helped us was that The LYCRA Company (then Dupont) launched an elastic type 128C (similar to natural rubber) (now 902C). And also vice versa Zimmermann helped with the knowhow for the particular draft-setting for those transfers.

The advantages for us are as follows:

  1. Thinner yarn counts can be used ever since
  2. Due to very thin spandex materials, finer knitted fabrics can be manufactured
  3. High durability and washproof properties as compared to conventional spandex
  4. There is no allergic reaction
  5. In close cooperation with Zimmermann, The LYCRA Company developed the specific 1600 dtex for Rubber

What was the first product you developed with the LYCRA® fiber?

We produced the first yarn with LYCRA® fiber for the company Belinda. A LYCRA® fiber 156 dtex was covered with very fine wrapping for the manufacture of full-fashioned stockings.

Is there a product development with the LYCRA® fiber that was/is particularly successful for you? If so, which one and why?

The introduction of the LYCRA® fiber type 902C for compression stockings was particularly successful since this type has similar properties as rubber due to the high elasticity.



How do you ensure continuously high quality at Zimmermann & Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA?

The fact that the quality requirements of our company are uncompromising is already evident in the raw materials we select, such as LYCRA® fiber 902C. We strive for the highest quality results through a diverse selection of the best materials, meticulous yarn inspections, constant production monitoring and our in-house quality management guarantee for absolute continuity. In order to meet these strategic aspirations in the long term, we attach great importance to continuous product development and process improvement, be it through the continual training of our employees, close linking of our production sites, constant process optimization or the introduction of digital quality controls.

LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

Contact Information

W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG Hans Peter Mauch Managing Director +49 8387 9212 33
Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA, LLC Tony Holt Managing Director +1 336 437 1542


The LYCRA Company Dr. Oliver Oess Area Manager – North and Central Europe - Medical hosiery Segment Manager +49 69 305 85573 Germany
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