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Why choose LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE Technology for Leggings?

Dec 27, 2018

The population of plus size women has been steadily increasing for decades. Since its launch in 2011, LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology has set the standard for delivering fantastic comfort, fit and freedom of movement to plus size hosiery for full-figured women. This patented technology is being offered for use in opaque and sheer hosiery, as well as footless tights.

Lycra Xceptionelle technology

Whatever the category—athleisure, sports or casual fashion—this technology enables you to create stylish leggings that deliver the lasting performance curvy women desire. LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology is the solution to satisfying her needs while maximizing your profits.

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Inside the Technology

LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology combines special garment construction and LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology (T902C fiber), to provide a better, more consistent fit across a range of body shapes. This patented innovation delivers exceptional overall comfort and a flexible fit that is ideal for fitting in-between sizes without digging in or restricting the wearer’s movement.

Benefits for mills

    • Produced using the same commercial machines and processes as standard sizes which results in cost savings

    • Achieve maximum width (without any added panel up to size 18 – US size or 48 – European size) by using 902C fiber for greater stretch and a combination of knitting and finishing techniques

    • Eliminating the sewn-in panel saves money and makes a more comfortable, attractive garment

    • Allows for greater design and knitted patterns in the body part

Benefits for brands/retailers

    • Fill the need gap for millions of plus-size women worldwide by offering fashion-forward styles and colors

    • Increase sales by reaching a segment of the population that’s forecasted to keep growing

    • Reduce returns, increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty by creating comfortable, stylish garments that will appeal to full-figured women

Benefits for consumers

    • Delivers greater overall comfort and style to curvy women

    • Accommodates a variety of body shapes

    • Provides a cooler panty area

    • Patented construction prevents dig-in at thighs and waist

    • Sheer, lightweight fabric is less compressive and allows greater ease of movement

    • Single-layer fabric construction in the waistband offers enhanced comfort

    • Panty portion extends above the waist to reduce waistband rolling and eliminate stomach compression

    • Eliminates panels and seams to create a more attractive and comfortable garment

    • Inner thigh area constructed with a high denier yarn to increase durability and help reduce chafing

Plus Size Your Business

More than 100 million women worldwide have been categorized as plus-size and their hosiery and legging needs aren’t being fully met. LYCRA® brand can help! Explore our curated portfolio of LYCRA® fiber solutions designed to fill this gap and satisfy the needs of the fashion-conscious and stylish full-figured women everywhere. Contact the representative listed below to begin transforming your collections today!

LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


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