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Jan 21, 2019

LYCRA® brand has once again worked with Stijlinstituut Amsterdam to develop its global legwear trends forecast and capsule collection for Autumn/Winter 2019-2020. This highly anticipated collection showcases the must-have looks for the season and is an important source of inspiration and insights for legwear industry insiders.

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Each energetic and offbeat look is powered by a specific innovation that improves the wearing experience and delivers permanent performance benefits designed to meet consumer needs. Whether its socks, hosiery or leggings, these looks are fun and fashionable without ever compromising on comfort, fit or the ability to move freely. Here are the forecasted fashion directions and innovations selected for hosiery, knee-highs, stay-ups and socks for Autumn/Winter 2019/2020:


Showy, sensual and sensational legwear designs are on offer that feature rocksteady styling and dramatic “don’t mess with me” attitude fit for the dance floor.
Look 1: Day meets night in these playful thigh-highs/hold-ups featuring a sheer lace-up front. Made with LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology, which is being offered for stay-ups for the first time, this technology fits a variety of leg shapes and stay in place without digging in or leaving red marks.
Look 2: Denim is reimagined as knitted leggings featuring trompe l’oeil denim “shorts” and high-tech performance benefits all in one eye-catching garment. LYCRA® HYBRID technology provides high opacity and form-fitting shape, while THERMOLITE® FAR INFRARED technology gently warms legs and keeps them dry.

Dance Hall legwear fashion

Look 1

Look 2


Whether exercise takes place in the gym or around the town, staying fit and self-care are more popular than ever, and the market for activewear engineered to optimize athletic performance is still growing. And when it comes to athletic socks, it’s all about performance, or more accurately, performance benefits.
Look 3: Blocks of stripes highlight ribbed areas of graduated compression provided by LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ technology. In order to keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable, COOLMAX® technology is also included. This fiber transports moisture away from the body to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates.
Look 4: These socks with bold 3D patterns will deliver optimal fit, compression and freedom of movement—without sacrificing all-important comfort—thanks to LYCRA® SPORT technology.

Sport legwear fashion

Look 3

Look 4


Rooted in traditional dress codes that are nostalgic and bursting with provenance, these inspired classics are made distinctively modern by LYCRA® fiber technologies.
Look 5: Socks with high heel sandals? We say yes! These toeless college striped cuffs are good looking, comfy, fluffy, and feature relaxed stretch and durable good looks thanks to LYCRA® T400® fiber.
Look 6: Premium aesthetics are guaranteed in this bold hosiery featuring an opaque diamond pattern enhanced by the garment’s subtle and sheer contrast. This hosiery is visually appealing even in layout thanks toLYCRA® STEAM SETTABLE technology, while LYCRA® 3D technology provides greater comfort and movement thanks to LYCRA® fiber being knitted into every course.

Business Lounge legwear fashion

Look 5

Look 6


This trend showcases vibrant, energetic leg fashions with a happy color palette, bold patterns, and fun designs that play off each other and burst with originality. Look 7: Stand out in this colorful hosiery featuring a precisely engineered oversized flower on one leg and a contrasting striped waistband. The garment is ultra-smooth and comfortable, offering a superb fit and perfect form thanks to LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology. The comfort level is amped up even more by THERMOLITE® technology, which provides lightweight warmth.
Look 8: Fun can also be functional in these colourful striped knee-highs featuring LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ technology to help the legs feel revitalized all-day long. COOLMAX® EcoMade technology, which is made from recycled plastics, helps keep feet cool and dry while helping the planet.

Playground legwear fashion

Look 7

Look 8


No nonsense, no noise. These looks are devoid of ostentatious decoration and offer pure, understated luxury. They will appeal to people who value minimalist comfort and a serene, feminine palette.
Look 9: These super sheer knee-highs are pure and simple in white and truly stylish thanks to a subtle draping effect. Made with LYCRA® SUPER SUMMER SHEER technology for lasting comfort and fit, this garment offers exceptional durability despite being very transparent.
Look 10: A cottony soft stripe appears front and center to deliver a spectacular contrast in texture and color in these knee-highs made with LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology. This fiber fits a variety of leg shapes to offer comfortable stay-up power with less dig in and red marks, as well as run/ladder resistance provided by LYCRA® FUSION™ technology.

Quiet legwear fashion

Look 9

Look 10

Contact Sybille Bald today to learn more about the technologies powering these forecasted trends, and where to source LYCRA® fiber covered yarns.

LYCRA®, T400®, FUSION™, ENERGIZE™, FREEF!T®, COOLMAX®, THERMOLITE® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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