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Apr 05, 2019

The Challenge: Today’s consumers desire ultra-sheer hosiery that gives legs a natural appearance, but they aren’t willing to sacrifice garment strength and durability to achieve this look any longer. Now they want transparent hosiery that stops runs and ladders in their tracks in order to extend the wear life of the garment.


The Solution: LYCRA® FUSION™ TRUE TO YOU technology is a new product extension that makes it possible to create ultra-sheer, run-resistant hosiery with natural-looking shine. Hosiery made with this technology gives legs a better than bare appearance that minimizes imperfections and makes legs look and feel stunning. This is achieved by using a patent pending 3D construction method that alternates knitted courses of covered LYCRA® FUSION™ fiber with courses of bare LYCRA® FUSION™ fiber that is plated with polyamide. The result is a unique garment that offers many desirable benefits for the value chain.

LYCRA® FUSION® technology_a story of breakthrough fiber


Benefits for mills

    • Can be produced on a normal hosiery machine—no special equipment needed

    • New knitting construction provides opportunity to enter ACPH market with an ECPH product*

    • Ability to use bare knitted LYCRA® FUSION™ fiber can reduce production costs

    • Patent pending innovation offers differentiated benefits to drive sales down the value chain

Benefits for brands/retailers

    • Fill the need gap for millions of women worldwide by offering hosiery styles with natural shine

    • Offers improved table layout in store for a more true-to-life appearance

    • Technology opens up aspect and brightness design possibilities in ladder/run-resistant hosiery

    • Reduce returns, increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty by creating comfortable, stylish garments that are in demand

    • Patent pending innovation offers differentiated consumer benefits to drive sales.

LYCRA® FUSION™ TRUE TO YOU technology responds to consumer requirements

Benefits for consumers

    • Better than bare leg appearance with natural shine

    • Run/ladder-resistance for durability and extended wear life

    • Three-dimensional fit and shape retention keep you moving freely

    • Glossy, ultra-sheer hosiery always completes any outfit

    • Eliminates the matte appearance found in typical hosiery construction

    • Offers improved table layout in store for a more true-to-life appearance

If your legwear needs aren’t being fully met, LYCRA® brand can help! Explore our hosiery solutions or contact the representative listed below to begin transforming your collections today!

* ACPH means alternate course—every other row is knitted with LYCRA® fiber. ECPH means every course is knitted with LYCRA® fiber.

LYCRA® and FUSION™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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