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Sep 23, 2019

London – LYCRA® brand and F&F at TESCO are proud to announce an agreement to incorporate LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology into the best-selling F&F Contour Jean Range with LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric, making the range not only F&F’s most popular, but also one of the brands most sustainable jean offerings in store.

F&F Contour Jean range with LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric

Launched three years ago, the F&F Contour Jean with LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric exceeded all expectations and quickly became F&F’s best-selling jean range. The high-performance fabric ensured that the product delivered on its promise to comfortably shape the wearer’s curves with no sagging or bagging. Now, with the upgrade to LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology, the jean will maintain all its previous features and good value-for-money offering, whilst providing customers with a more sustainable option.

LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology is made from a combination of recycled materials, such as PET bottles diverted from landfills, and renewable plant-based materials. The original LYCRA® T400® fiber is the building block for the brand’s popular LYCRA® dualFX® technology – a small percentage of this fiber gives the performance-enhancing results. LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology offers the same benefits of lasting comfort, fit and performance as the original, but with the value-added offer of sustainability. It is, however, just one building block in the creation of a more sustainable, high-stretch jean.

F&F Contour Jean range with LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric

F&F at Tesco has worked hard to ensure that sustainability is also at the heart of the range’s finishing and laundry treatments. The brand has combined the LYCRA® T400® fibre with EcoMade technology with BCI cotton and used Jeanologia machinery, which uses less water and harmful chemicals, during the production of this jean range. “Since introducing LYCRA® BEAUTY technology into our jeans, we have managed to grow the denim business by 40% while providing customers with a superior product. It is essential to us to be able to continue to offer customers a high-quality product that is good value-for-money, whilst giving them a more sustainable option. Our partnership with the LYCRA® brand makes this possible,” states Shaun Ghori, Lead Fabric Technical Manager, F&F Tesco.

Helen Latham, The LYCRA Company Accounts Manager, Denim and Wovens, UK says: “Denim’s appeal is universal, and its popularity continues to grow as casual wear gains acceptance in new environments including the office. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact of fashion on the environment and are actively seeking out more sustainable options. We have a long-standing relationship with F&F, who specify innovative fiber technologies for the brand’s denim lines. We are proud to work with them once again, using our combined knowledge and experience to stay one step ahead of consumer expectations and create ground-breaking denim innovations.”

The new F&F Contour Jean Range containing LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology will roll out across Tesco stores from September 2019 as well as online at: F&F Clothing.

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