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Dec 02, 2020

The LYCRA® brand recently hosted an immersive consumer experience in Chengdu (November 18-22). Another will happen in Hangzhou Dec. 2nd till Dec. 6th. The goal of the "Extraordinary Fun Carnival" was to raise consumer brand awareness and drive preference for garments with LYCRA® brand products in China. The events enabled the media, industry professionals and consumers to come together and discover the benefits of our innovations in a fun and engaging way. Web celebrities and social media influencers livestreamed programs to attract visitors to the carnival, who then serve as brand ambassadors sharing their own experiences on popular platforms.

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been paying more attention to comfort, health and a wellness lifestyle, while still wanting to follow the latest fashion trends. The LYCRA® brand teamed up with leading fashion brands that brought these ideas to life such as LEE, Ubras, FILA, Peacebird, Anna Sui Active, VFU, Bananain, Caramella and CHONG. These brands promoted their garments with LYCRA® fiber at the carnival.

Highlights from the Carnival

The “Extraordinary Fun Carnival” featured interactive games that promoted garments with different LYCRA® fiber technologies:

    • Visitors entered the event through a tent shaped like the iconic LYCRA® brand logo.

    • The first exhibit space introduced people to the freedom of LYCRA® fiber. Lights projected on the floor looked like fibers that directed visitors to read on the walls about the innovations.

    • In the next room, each visitor’s body shape was scanned and projected on the wall to form three different silhouettes that showcaase the benefits of garments made with LYCRA® fiber type 962L: stretches to fit different body shapes, stays in place, and fits like a second skin. Here UBRAS promoted its intimate apparel that’s designed for next-level comfort.

    • The LYCRA® FitSense™ technology room promoted activewear from Anna Sui Active in Chengdour and VFU and CHONG in Hangzhou. Consumers learned about this revolutionary product through an interactive touch wall. When a drop of this revolutionary liquid was touched it became animated before being transformed into patterns and printed onto a garment. This showed how this technology provides lightweight, targeted support exactly where it’s needed, without compromising on comfort or flexibility.

    • “Treasure Hunt” and “Speed Challenge” promoted FILA sportswear made with LYCRA® SPORT technology, which provides exceptional comfort, fit and support tailored to suit a particular activity. A trampoline and ski simulator engaged the player's jumping and balancing abilities to demonstrate how this technology can help improve their performance.

    • The “Rock Cowboy” climbing wall combined a VR game and real-world experience to promote stretch denim jeans. In Chengdu, LEE showcased jeans made with LYCRA® dualFX® technology that really hold their shape and offer exceptional comfort and fit, as well as jeans with LYCRA® XFIT technology that delivers 360° comfort and fit. In Hangzhou, Peacebird promoted its stretch jeans made with LYCRA® fiber.

    • The "Fun Marbles" pinball game was the last level of the interactive games. Socks featuring LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology in the sock tops were displayed by Bananain in Chengdu and Caramella in Hangzhou. The game highlighted key fiber benefits: a superior level of comfort, long-lasting shape retention, and socks that stay in place.

    • To make the carnival experience more memorable, visitors collected points throughout the exhibit spaces that were redemeemed for gifts from the LYCRA® brand and our exhibiting brands.

These activities made discovering how LYCRA® fiber technologies transform denim, underwear, sportswear and socks fun for attendees. Throughout the carnival, visitors could scan a "Look For Fun" QR code to launch a WeChat mini program that linked directly to exhibitors’ ecommerce sites for easy online ordering.

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