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INVISTA hosts Taiwan fabric innovations Workshop

Oct 20, 2017

INVISTA held its Taiwan Fabric Innovations Workshop in Taipei on August 24, 2017. This workshop focused on three topics: PERFORMANCE POWERED BY LYCRA® SPORT TECHNOLOGY, CASUAL BRAS FOR TODAY’S LIFESTYLE BY LYCRA® BRAND, and FIBER INNOVATIONS & DIFFERENTIATIONS. Workshop attendees from mills, garment makers, brands and retailers across Taiwan learned about the latest consumer insights, market trends, and innovations from INVISTA.

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Lace made with LYCRA® fibre powers TRIUMPH’s Amourette 300

Oct 02, 2017

Are you curious how TRIUMPH, one of the world’s leading underwear and lingerie brands, has enjoyed enduring success with its Amourette 300? The brand’s best-selling line of knickers/panties and bras offer women the best of both worlds. Each garment not only provides beautiful and seductive styling, but also enhanced comfort and a superior fit. Thanks to its stretch lace powered by LYCRA® fibre, women don’t have to choose between comfort or style - they can have it all with Amourette 300!
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Triaction by Triumph brand of Activewear for women

Sep 01, 2017

Triumph International, one of the world’s leading lingerie and underwear brands, launches the new season of Triaction to target the growing number of athleisure consumers. The new range of sports bras, shorts, and tights now feature LYCRA® SPORT technology, and have been completely redesigned based on consumer feedback. The stylish line is split into two segments: Cardio for high intensity activities and Studio for low to medium intensity workouts. Powered by LYCRA® SPORT technology, both lines offer enhanced comfort and technological benefits designed to help optimize workout performance. 

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Bra Breakthrough at Interfilière Paris

Jul 08, 2017

Most people in the intimate apparel business agree that growing consumer preference for casual bras is a big market opportunity – but one that poses special challenges for designers. The so-called ‘casualization’ of this garment category blurs traditional segmentation lines and calls for a new approach to optimizing support, shaping and comfort.

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INVISTA Concludes Another Stunning Show at SIUF China

May 05, 2017

INVISTA recently participated in the 12th edition of SIUF, the China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair, and its LYCRA® brand booth was very popular with show visitors. INVISTA set off a fashion whirlwind during the exhibition with its presentation of industry-leading insights, a colorful lingerie catwalk, and its diverse technological innovations.

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LYCRA® Brand Award Winners Announced at Sterne der Wäsche

Apr 11, 2017

During the 12th Annual Sterne der Wäsche awards, which were held 5 March in stylish Schuhbeck’s Teatro in Munich, it was almost “mission impossible” for the jury to decide which retailers should win this year’s prizes for best LYCRA® themed display. Each winner was recognized for creatively using supplied LYCRA® branded point-of-sale materials, and for clearly communicating this year’s theme: “With LYCRA® you have a winning hand.”

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