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INVISTA hosts Taiwan fabric innovations Workshop

Oct 20, 2017

INVISTA held its Taiwan Fabric Innovations Workshop in Taipei on August 24, 2017. This workshop focused on three topics: PERFORMANCE POWERED BY LYCRA® SPORT TECHNOLOGY, CASUAL BRAS FOR TODAY’S LIFESTYLE BY LYCRA® BRAND, and FIBER INNOVATIONS & DIFFERENTIATIONS. Workshop attendees from mills, garment makers, brands and retailers across Taiwan learned about the latest consumer insights, market trends, and innovations from INVISTA.

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Apr 21, 2017

For the third year in a row, INVISTA is hosting an invitation-only event in Istanbul, Turkey that is focused on the sock industry. Key managers representing knitters, spinners, coverers, and retail sourcing hubs have been invited to this exclusive event, which is taking place on 25 April 2017. Turkey is one of the largest global producers of socks, and this highly anticipated event gives industry insiders the opportunity to network, see exciting new trends in person, and learn about INVISTA’s latest fiber innovations
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Apr 04, 2017 speaks with Thomas Klotz, Director of LeMur, S.P.A, to learn more about his business and the important role LYCRA® fibre plays in it.

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Introducing a new standard in comfort for knee-highs and trouser socks

Mar 14, 2017

Whether you call them knee-highs or trouser socks, there’s one point all of the women in a recent study agreed upon: they were dissatisfied with the uncomfortable products being offered today. That’s why INVISTA is introducing LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology. This new garment construction is designed to deliver the optimal range of force and compression, which enables knee-highs to stay up without digging into the skin. Best of all, trouser socks made with this technology provide better all-around comfort (regardless of foot and leg size) thanks to LYCRA® fibre.

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Philippe Matignon Launches the World’s First-Ever Seamless Tights

Mar 07, 2017

Philippe Matignon, a Goldenlady Group brand of high-end socks and tights distributed in the best specialized retail shops and department stores, has developed and patented a revolutionary new product: completely seamless tights. Consumer research showed that women still desired even greater comfort when wearing tights. This ground-breaking innovation by Philippe Matignon gives every woman a feeling of absolute freedom and comfort, and enhances her femininity.

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LYCRA® brand tells a Story of Movement

Dec 16, 2016

The LYCRA® brand released its new campaign for 2016 in China – The difference that makes the difference – initiating the LYCRA ® brand mission to help people make their life a movement.
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Dec 15, 2016

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® brand, has once again partnered with trend forecasting agency Stijlinstituut Amsterdam to predict the must-have hosiery trends for 2017/18. If you are a LYCRA® fiber customer you may have seen these trends presented at one of the many trade fairs, workshops or seminars the brand participates in each year. If you aren’t a LYCRA® fiber customer, consider becoming one. Customers of the most recognized synthetic fiber brand in the world enjoy exclusive trend forecasts months in advance of the general public. This means LYCRA® fiber customers enjoy the benefits of being trendsetters instead of followers.
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Meet Coverer of the Month: LEDERER Elastic Yarns

Dec 08, 2016

LEDERER Elastic Yarns has built a successful business by being flexible. The firm specializes in creating yarn designs tailor-made to meet a customer’s requirements. Whether its covered, air-interlaced, Hamel Elasto-Twist, air-jet or core-spun yarns, LEDERER can develop and produce a wide variety of yarn types for every imaginable application. There is one thing they are not flexible about, and that is quality. They only use high-quality materials and have stringent quality control standards throughout the manufacturing process. That is why they use LYCRA® fiber to create yarns for many of the top brands around the world. We recently interviewed Klaus Sutter, LEDERER’s Managing Director, to learn more about the company.

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Turkish Trade Association hosts seminar featuring INVISTA solutions for socks

Dec 07, 2016

Sock knitters, garment makers and fabric producers recently gathered in Istanbul, Turkey to attend an invitation-only seminar organized by Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' Association (iHKiB). The meeting’s purpose was to inspire the nation’s sock producers to think big and offer more compelling, higher value products that deliver more than the basics to consumers. In doing so, they will promote the growth and future development of the industry. Following the success of LYCRA® MOVES™ ISTANBUL II, iHKiB turned to INVISTA to present its portfolio of fiber innovations and technology solutions to its members.
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