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INVISTA hosts Taiwan fabric innovations Workshop

Oct 20, 2017

INVISTA held its Taiwan Fabric Innovations Workshop in Taipei on August 24, 2017. This workshop focused on three topics: PERFORMANCE POWERED BY LYCRA® SPORT TECHNOLOGY, CASUAL BRAS FOR TODAY’S LIFESTYLE BY LYCRA® BRAND, and FIBER INNOVATIONS & DIFFERENTIATIONS. Workshop attendees from mills, garment makers, brands and retailers across Taiwan learned about the latest consumer insights, market trends, and innovations from INVISTA.

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Bra Breakthrough at Interfilière Paris

Jul 08, 2017

Most people in the intimate apparel business agree that growing consumer preference for casual bras is a big market opportunity – but one that poses special challenges for designers. The so-called ‘casualization’ of this garment category blurs traditional segmentation lines and calls for a new approach to optimizing support, shaping and comfort.

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INVISTA Concludes Another Stunning Show at SIUF China

May 05, 2017

INVISTA recently participated in the 12th edition of SIUF, the China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair, and its LYCRA® brand booth was very popular with show visitors. INVISTA set off a fashion whirlwind during the exhibition with its presentation of industry-leading insights, a colorful lingerie catwalk, and its diverse technological innovations.

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LYCRA® brand tells a Story of Movement

Dec 16, 2016

The LYCRA® brand released its new campaign for 2016 in China – The difference that makes the difference – initiating the LYCRA ® brand mission to help people make their life a movement.
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Mens’ Underwear Featuring LYCRA® Fiber is a Knockout

Dec 14, 2016

KNOCKOUT is the theme of an editorial section featuring men’s underwear in the autumn issue of CYL magazine. Sponsored by LYCRA® fiber, the dynamic layout is set in a boxing gym and beautifully illustrates how sport is influencing men’s intimate fashion. Emblems, graphic lines, intense colors and bold finishes are designed to appeal to younger, more active and fashion-conscious men.

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Shanghai showtime

Dec 06, 2016

Shanghai Intertextile, one of China’s most influential trade shows, goes from strength to strength. The three-day event held in mid-October was the setting for INVISTA Rendezvous 2016 which attracted a stream of specialist mills, designers, brand owners and retailers on the lookout for business-building ideas.
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Get to know Brugnoli: LYCRA® brand customer of the month

Nov 10, 2016

Brugnoli® is a leading Italian mill that creates beautiful premium circular knit fabrics for swimwear, lingerie, sportswear & athleisure and ready-to-wear. Brugnoli® is renowned internationally for its creativity and for the excellence of its fabric collections—especially the jacquard fabrics they have been passionately developing for over 40 years. Founded by two brothers in 1952, today Brugnoli® is steeped in family tradition and is constantly innovating, investing in new equipment and adopting state-of-the-art technologies to create quality fabrics with a unique hand-feel that sets them apart. 

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