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Our Position on Biodegradable and Compostable Fibers for Apparel

Jul 24, 2020

Our newly published white paper breaks down the pros and cons of biodegradable and compostable fibers, and outlines The LYCRA Company’s position on end-of-life solutions for unwearable apparel waste. The paper explains why we are focusing our sustainable innovation priorities on impactful and scalable options that support a circular economy.

Click here to read: The LYCRA Company’s Position on Biodegradable and Compostable Fibers for Apparel

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Watch our Hosiery Webinar

Jul 09, 2020

While we understand that tights might not be at the front of your mind right now, we thought we’d take the chance while so many of us are on ‘pause’ to talk through and share some interesting insights on how comfort and durability still keep tights as a go-to essential, even when the sun is out! Watch the webinar below to about learn about evolving consumer trends and how solution-based technologies will help keep tights part of the new comfort-led wardrobe.

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Watch Our Webinar on Garment Durability

Jun 19, 2020

Interested in garment durability and smart fashion? Watch our most recent webinar where we focus on garment durability, shifts in consumer behavior and discuss technologies that support durable designs.

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