Reaching Greater Heights

Introducing T859 LYCRA
HyFit® fiber

T859 is our latest commercial fiber. T859 offers a lower consumption rate, supply chain savings and operating efficiencies that align with our hygiene customers’ sustainability goals. It will result in an overall more environmentally friendly product offering and a smaller carbon footprint. With T859, we have changed a key raw ingredient of the polymer so that the retractive force per decitex is higher than previous product offerings. This polymer upgrade enables lighter decitex T859 products to replace heavier weight materials. For example, 600 dtx T859 may be used in place of 800 dtx T837. A patent application has been filed for this new polymer formulation.

Results of numerous trials at equipment makers and diaper producers have validated the decitex reduction in both laminates and finished diapers.

Current T837 Decitex New T859 Decitex Percent Decrease
800 600 25%
680 530 22%

The table above contains two examples of the relationship between our current T837 product offering and our new T859 fiber.

Lighter decitex replaces heavier decitex to deliver more meters per kilogram of fiber, which results in longer package run time with fewer package-to-package transfers. This should increase diaper line uptime, reduce product handling and boost overall savings.

By converting to T859, you’ll also benefit from a significant reduction in elastic consumption per unit while continuing to achieve similar stretch and recovery.

Our Global Product Offering:
T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber

T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber is made with a unique formulation* proven to deliver excellent performance, reducing package tackiness without a negative impact on creep performance.

Today, there is local production of T837 in every region, made with the same formulation to ensure product consistency at each site around the globe. We are the only spandex supplier with local production in each region of the world to help ensure reliability of supply and to quickly respond to your needs.

* A patent application for the T837 formulation has been granted.

Additional Unique Product Offerings

Machine Direction Stretch Nonwovens (MDXA)

  • LYCRA® nonwoven laminate with outstanding machine direction stretch and recovery performance
  • Breathable, soft, fabric-like drape and hand
  • Tailored to suit individual applications
  • Appropriate for various applications, including hygiene, medical, apparel and cosmetics
  • Commercial production capability


  • Suitable for apparel and healthcare applications
  • Available on tubes or beams
  • Rubber replacement where seam slippage due to finish oils is an issue
  • Lower decitex available— starting with 235 dtx

Availability of Colored Fiber

We have recently added purple to our product line that already includes blue and green. In addition, we have developed new technology that enables custom production of new colors for sampling and evaluation.

Specialized Programs and Collaborations

The LYCRA HyFit® brand has a variety of programs designed to improve operations, processes and product quality, as well as provide opportunities to explore new polymers and technologies. Additionally, we work with industry associates and technology leaders to develop innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Research and Development

The LYCRA HyFit® brand continues to invest in research and development for the hygiene industry with the goals of:

  • Improving our current offering
  • Commercializing new polymer and fiber formulations
  • Developing new stretch materials

Learn about the consumer and manufacturer benefits that make LYCRA HyFit® fiber a market leader.