Extending Garment Wear Life

Extending Garment Wear Life: Extending garment wear life can significantly reduce the environmental impact of a garment. According to WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Programme), increasing the active wear life of an item of clothing by just nine months can reduce carbon, waste, and water footprints by 20 to 30 percent each *. The LYCRA Company has a variety of innovations designed to extend garment wear life, including:

  • LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber provides long-lasting fit in chlorinated water environments (up to 10 times longer than fabrics made with unprotected elastane).
  • LYCRA® FUSION™ technology helps make hosiery resistant to ladders (runs) which can improve garment wear life.
  • LYCRA® dualFX® technology combines two stretch fibers to bring long-lasting stretch and shape retention to denim and woven fabrics, helping jeans and pants maintain their fit.
  • LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology provides up to twice the strength of 100% cotton fabrics at comparable weights for a more durable denim.
  • LYCRA® BLACK technology is the industry’s first black elastane, and helps clothes maintain deep, rich tones thanks to spun-in black pigment.

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* WRAP.org.uk/content/extending-life-clothes