Fiber Technologies

LYCRA® MyFit™ technology

This patent-pending technology provides a customized fit for a range of body shapes within a size, without compromising on comfort or support. By delivering a flatter stress-strain curve with improved elongation and lower hysteresis, the fabric will stretch more or less depending upon shape of wearer. The result is improved comfort and fit for a better wearing experience.
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LYCRA® BLACK technology logo

LYCRA® BLACK technology

Deeper, darker, colorfast shades for apparel.
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LYCRA® FUSION™ technology logo

LYCRA® FUSION™ technology

Run-resistant hosiery for improved the wear-life.
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LYCRA® lastingFIT technology logo

LYCRA® lastingFIT technology

Swimwear with long-lasting fit and fabric integrity in chlorinated water environments.
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LYCRA® W technology logo

LYCRA® W technology

Raising the standard for intimate apparel aesthetics with excellent whiteness and whiteness retention, as well as enhanced uptake of acid dyestuffs for deeper, richer colors.
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LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology logo


Activewear fabrics that stretch easily, fit perfectly, and provide exquisite comfort.
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LYCRA® EASY SET technology logo

LYCRA® EASY SET technology

Reduces heat-setting temperature and/or dwell time for knit and woven fabrics containing natural or other heat-sensitive fibers.
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LYCRA® T400® technology logo

LYCRA® T400® technology

Excellent performance and aesthetics in applications that require low to moderate stretch.
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LYCRA® LIVING LIGHTS technology logo


Increased on-tone dye uptake for more natural skin tones and brilliant, more saturated fashion colors or more natural skin tones.
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LYCRA® STEAM-SETTABLE technology logo


Enhanced steam-boarding performance helps to impart an aesthetically pleasing layout to finished garments.
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