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This patented technology is engineered to enable LYCRA® fiber to bond with acid dyes with no expected washfastness downside. The result is deeper, more saturated fashion colors and, thanks to reduced color contrast between the polyamide and LYCRA® fibers, more natural skin tones. Think of it as make-up for your legs.

  • Increased uptake of acid dyes for excellent color‑blending with the nylon companion fiber.
  • Enables vivid, richer, more saturated fashion colors or more natural skin tones.
  • For manufacturers, easy transition from existing styles: no color reformulations or processing changes required.

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Standard Fiber

Product Features Availability
T16LL Best Grin-Through Reduction, Best Dyeability (to polyamide/nylon dyestuff) Europe
T17LL Best Dyeability (to polyamide/nylon dyestuff), Best Grin-Through Reduction Europe