LYCRA® 3D technology

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Hosiery with LYCRA® 3D technology contains LYCRA® fiber in every knitted course. This offers a number of advantages over hosiery in which elastane is knitted into every other course:

  • Greater comfort and enhanced freedom of movement thanks to a more consistent level of compression over a range of body movements.
  • A more uniform appearance and a softer, smoother hand.
  • Increased garment durability.

Hosiery with LYCRA® 3D technology is typically steam-boarded for greater counter appeal. LYCRA® T178C fiber is specifically engineered for end-uses that require greater steam-settability than standard elastane and is the preferred yarn for LYCRA® 3D technology.

  • Contains LYCRA® fiber in every course for 3-dimensional elasticity and enhanced freedom of movement.
  • More uniform appearance and smoother hand.
  • Greater durability than "alternate course" hosiery.

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Specialty Fiber

Product Features Availability
T178C Good Dyeability (to polyamide/nylon dyestuff), Best Heat-Setting Efficiency Asia, Europe, North America and South America

Standard Fiber

Product Features Availability
LYCRA® T162C Fiber Good Dyeability (to polyamide/nylon dyestuff) Asia, Europe, North America and South America