Knit Fabric Technologies

HYBRID technology by LYCRA® brand

LYCRA® HYBRID technology

The comfort and flexibility of a knit with the authentic aesthetics and performance of a woven.
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COOLING technology

LYCRA® COOLING technology

Shapewear that combines outstanding shaping with moisture management performance to help keep the wearer cool and dry.
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SHAPING Technology

LYCRA® SHAPING technology

Tested against quality standards that are based on scientifically determined metrics that characterize both shaping performance and comfort.
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LYCRA® SPORT technology

For lightweight, breathable activewear with muscle support and freedom of movement
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FREEF!T Technology

LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology

Lightweight, breathable knit and woven fabrics with relaxed stretch, low shrinkage, and a natural, cottony hand.
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XTRA FINE Technology

LYCRA® XTRA FINE technology

Elegant, lightweight knit and woven fabrics for intimate apparel and other end-uses.
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